What is your current God-given mission in life? Take a minute and think about it. In our first reading from the prophet Isaiah we hear about the Jews who had just returned to a Jerusalem which was physically a disaster from Babylon after a long forced exile. In the first lines of that reading we hear God telling them to celebrate and be glad because their mission was to essentially bring Jerusalem back to life and the Lord told them that Jerusalem's life will be returned "faster than grass can sprout". You would have thought they would be depressed but God had given them rebuilding Jerusalem as their current mission in life.

In the 2nd reading, that from Paul's letter to the Galatians, Paul tells them that he nor they, no matter who they are, are not to brag about anything except the cross of Christ in that Jesus had provided them and us with the ultimate example of how they and we are to follow their and our God-given mission in life. Paul tells us that when we do, God will treat us with "underserved kindness and we will be blessed with peace". That's not a bad reward for following our God-given mission in life, is it?

Again, what is your and my current God-given mission in life? Often it is thought to be doing something extra ordinary but in fact our current God-given mission is right where we are; putting the service of God first and infecting others with

the desire to love just as Jesus and Paul and Luke and the 72 disciples did.

Jesus' God-given mission was to provide each of us with the understanding of what we are to believe and how we are to live and love. Paul's, Luke's and the 72 disciple mission was to spread Jesus' message with the talents they have in the situation they were in.

Again, what is your current God-given mission in life after thanking God for everything he has given us? For parents and grandparents it is to bring up their children to know Christ. If you are young it can be to care for the "old". If you are old it is to pray for the "young". For both the young and old it can include writing and calling legislators objecting to legislation that is a direct violation of God's plan. Each of our God-given missions in life includes more than those items and they all can be summarized in performing any and all deeds in love and joy; by being doers of the Word not just hearers; by making our Christianity not just a Sunday activity but a way of life.

God has a mission for each one of us. We can know what it is by listening to the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus, Paul, Luke and the 72 disciples did, knowing that God's Spirit will reveal his plan for each of our lives. In order to know what each of ours is it takes both praying and listening closely to God's answers to our prayers while always keeping our priorities with God as Number 1, Family as Number 2 and all else as 3rd.

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