Some years ago, a pack of wild dogs broke into the Omaha zoo in the middle of the night. The pack invaded an area of the zoo inhabited by wallabies. Wallabies originate in Australia, and are similar to kangaroos, though a lot smaller. The next morning, when the zoo keepers made their rounds, they found all the wallabies dead : 23 of them! Not one had survived.

Upon closer inspection, the zookeepers discovered that none of the wild dogs had actually gotten into the cages where the wallabies lived. Not one dog had laid a paw or a jaw on a single victim! How did the wallabies die? They died from internal injuries. Just seeing the dogs sent them crashing about wildly, bashing into fences and into each other. They were literally scared to death : 15 adults and 8 baby wallabies died due to the effects of extreme anxiety!

Fear and anxiety play a large a role in our lives. That's why the Feast of the Holy Trinity is important for us; it helps us become more aware of the amazing greatness and absolute goodness of God, the One who creates, the One who heals, and the One who abides in us. Today's feast is an antidote to the fear and anxiety pervading our lives. It is an invitation to relax and recognize the God who is infinitely greater than any problem we have.

Look at the stars and planets of the night sky in our ever-expanding universe. See therein a reflection of the mightiness of our God.

Look at the tiny fingers of a newborn child. See therein God's care and concern for the smallest of details.

Appreciate the goodness of the people around us. See therein a reflection of God's loving support.

Marvel at the delicate beauty of a dandelion and the flight of a bumblebee. See therein a reflection of the wonder of all God's creation.

Admit to ourselves and to others our all too human faults and failings. See therein an opportunity to experience God's healing mercy and forgiveness.

Acknowledge the goodness that already exists in our hearts. See therein the Spirit of God inspiring us to act justly and compassionately, even in difficult circumstances..

We need to relax. Our lives are in God's hands! The goodness and graciousness of the Holy Trinity is more than a comfort for us. It is an invitation to grow and mature in God's eyes. Too many people for too long have tried to understand the Trinity. That's like a worm trying to understand the mind of Albert Einstein. But we don't have to understand the Trinity. We simply have to welcome and embrace the Trinity in our lives. We do this by putting aside our fears and worries to become the reflections of God we are meant to be. There are many occasions in the Scriptures where we are told: "Be not afraid...Do not be anxious... Do not worry...My peace I give you." Either we trust God our Creator, our Healer and our Abiding Spirit enough to do this...or anxiety wins out and we all go the way of the wallabies at the Omaha zoo!

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