Love, love, love. Mother, Mother, Mother. The two words are synonymous. Where there is a good mother there is love. Today we pay tribute to both love and mothers in a special way.

Mothers' day has been celebrated since May 9, 1914 when by an act of Congress President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the 2nd Sunday in May as Mothers' Day. He established that day as a time for public expression of love and reverence for the mothers of our country. So today let's salute our mothers first for their tenacious love and second being our home wherever they are, and third for the tremendous impact they have on us their children.

That impact on each of our lives continues through their lives and beyond. I am sure each of you can identify the impact your mother has had on your life and the impact other mothers have had on their children even when a person is an adult including the authority they have to correct their adult children. I read a story the other day which provides an example of that authority. The police chief fo Knoxville, Tenn. was in a council meeting on TV and he was notified that his mother had called and had an urgent message for him. Not knowing what the message was he immediately called her. In answering his called his mother asked, "Phil, are you chewing gum?" He answered "Yes, ma'am." and she responded, "Well, it looks awful. Spit it out." Phil dutifully removed the gum and went back to the meeting.

Mothers have an impact on us throughout their lives and beyond no matter what our life's vocation is as exemplified by the story of three priests who were discussing their favorite translation of the Bible. The 1st one said that he liked the New American translation because he had used it at Mass as the Church dictated and he was comfortable with it. The 2nd priest said that he liked the CEV, the Contemporary English Version, in that it used today's expressions and it helped him better understand God's truths. The 3rd priest said he liked his mothers translation the best. The other priests were surprised and said, "We didn't know your mother make a translation of the Bible." The 3rd priest replied, "She showed her love for me by helping me better understand God's truths and how his love and hers are both unconditional and are very much alike.

Do you agree? Take a few minutes today and compare God's love for you and your mother's love for you. God always loves you and so does your mom. God is always willing to forgive and so are Moms. And the list goes on.

So today, on this Mothers' Day, let's offer this Eucharistic celebration for all mothers in our congregation, whether they are alive or have been called home to God. Let's admit that none of us is able to return in the same measure all the love that our mother has given us and let's ask God to bless them by praying together the "Mothers' Day Blessing" which you can find on the back of today's Order of Worship.


Loving God,

We ask you to bless these women on this Mothers' Day.

Fill them with warmth that through them

their families may be warmed by it.

Fill them with gentleness and compassion that through them

we may also experience that gentleness and compassion.

Fill them with strength so that when we are low,

we may be encouraged by them.

Help us, the sons and daughters of these Mothers,

so that we may always love, honor and respect them.

And may the blessings of our mighty God, our Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier be upon the Mothers forever and ever.


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