As is usual, today's scriptures are unbelievably rich. I could say the theme of them is power or faith but I believe the basic theme is Trust.

We all know what power is and God shows his power in the 1st reading from Isaiah when he took Shebna's job away and gave it to Helkiah. As the scripture reads God talked directly to Shebna. In your life and mine God talks to each of us basically in the answer to our prayers and God wants us to listen but, as I have said many times, I wish God would talk louder but even though he talks quietly he wants us to listen and trust that His loving hands are behind every event in our lives, events which we might define as good or bad.

St. Paul tells us in the last line of today's reading from his letter to the Romans which reads: "All things were made because of Him and will return to Him." And we know that God gives us only those things which are good for us. God is our best friend who walks with each of us and helps us transform our lives and outlook. Do we understand the mind of God? Did Peter realize what prompted him to recognize Jesus as the Messiah? As a fisherman no but as a person open to a revelation from the Spirit of God, yes. Do we know why Jesus' message fell on the deaf ears of many of the Jews? In God's wisdom that was the best way for us non-Jews to have Jesus' message come to us. In the last line of today's Gospel Jesus told his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Messiah. Why? It doesn't seem logical not to tell the world but as illogical as it seems to us, it worked. So even though we don't know the will of God we are all called to trust Him.

Outside of God what and who can we trust unconditionally? Our politicians? Maybe some but we are always suspicious of their motives. How about our medical profession? Yes but they being human they do change their mind especially as it regards recommendations concerning diet. Do you remember when Sacrin was the best artificial sweetner? Then it was Newtrasweet and now what is it? Not long ago they told us that being slightly underweight was the best. Now they tell us, and we are pleased to hear that it is best to be a little overweight. The other day I was helping a lady to become comfortable with her new GPS. As we were driving on the rural roads of Fond du Lac county the GPS would tell us to take a specific route and she would say it would be better if ... and I would say, "Give the GPS a chance and trust it until you have a good understanding of it.

The same thing is true of our relationship with God. Trust God until you understand Him. The definition of trust is: Confidence in the integrity, ability, character and truthfulness of a person or thing. Can we have confidence in the integrity, ability, character and truthfulness of God even though we don't understand Him? Just like things of this world, our trust or lack of trust is the result of our knowledge of the person or thing. Our trust in God continues to increase as we get to know God as our Lord and Savior. How can we increase our knowledge of God? Just like with every other person, by listening to them every day and we can accomplish that through frequent listening to and meditation on His Word in Scripture and surrendering our lives by way of humble loving service to others just as Jesus and all of his followers did and continue to do.

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