When I was young I would wait with great anticipation for my three sets of cousins to come to my parent's cottage on the Bay. My brother and I would look out of the windows, walk down the access road, and listen for their car. We were a small family and when we had a chance to all get together, it was wonderful!!! Together we would go swimming, catch frogs, and play jokes on one another. It was a day that all of us looked forward to all year. I remember we could hardly stand the wait.

Perhaps you have had the experience of waiting for family to arrive at Christmas. You thought they would never come but suddenly they were in the driveway bringing in the many presents for the family. There was much joy and exuberance : beyond our wildest dreams. Don't you wish your had that much joy and exuberance today.

The anticipation of waiting for our cousins and family is like the times we wait for the coming of God/or the Holy One/ or Jesus on a daily basis into our lives. It is like waiting for God to come unexpectedly and fully when we are praying or just doing our expected work. We open the door when God knocks.

We may have lost that anticipation and realization that God wants to come to us every day to bring comfort, encouragement, joy, happiness, peace, and answers that we are struggling after in our life. Perhaps we have forgotten that the Master/ God knocks on our door many times a week or many times a day to give us the answers we need.

Today's parable of the Master asking his servants to wait for him is just such a story. We should be waiting everyday for our God to come and bless us, feed us, and just be with us. When the Master/the Holy One comes it pleases God to bless us beyond what we desire or imagine.

I am not going to talk about the traditional story of the coming of our own death when the Master comes. That can be another story at a different time.

Master Comes and Knocks

Let's look at this parable before us. The Master is going to a wedding that may last a few days or seven days. No one knows for sure. We do know that the Master is in charge of the house hold and has many servants. He has told his servants to be vigilant, to stay awake and to keep the lamps lit. These lamps are made of clay, are small, have wicks that must be trimmed down every day. They were called Herodean Lamps. We also know that the Master made it very clear that when he knocks, and wants to come in, the door should be opened immediately and everyone should be alert and welcoming him home.

The Master Knocks

All of a sudden the servants hear a loud knock on the door. They joyfully come to the door and open it. The large door is thrown open and a loud and joyful greeting is heard. The Master is welcomed home. Great joy and celebration is evident to everyone. Everyone is thrilled beyond measure.

Then what does the Master/The Holy One do? He dresses for the work of preparing food for his servants. He asks them to sit down at the table. He takes some time and prepares food for all of those present: those who waited so patiently for him to come and to open the door for him.

What would you like the Master/the Holy One to feed you? Is it hope in discouraging times, is it patience when you are stressed to the limit? Is it freedom from pain? Is it helping finding you a job when the job search has been so elusive? Would you like Jesus to come and feed you calmness, joy, peace, gratitude, or forgiveness? What is it that you would like the Master feed you when he comes inside and is with us?

There are things we can do to prepare for a dialogue with God. I listed some things that might help us get ready.

1. Have the desire to communicate with God on a daily basis. Just tell God that you want to have a deeper relationship.

2. Be ready both day and night. God might wake you while you are sleeping to start a communication with you.

3. Live a good live of service, goodness, and compassion so you will be ready to receive God and practice what God might ask you to do. Be ready for a quiet knocking of the door.

4. Be alert and diligent every day so you will be ready to hear the knock, to open the door so God can come in

5. Lastly, lead a lifetime of goodness so the door will open easily and often.

The Master comes and Knocks at our open Door

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