Take Away Their Toys

by Phyllis Zagano, NCR

Any schoolteacher knows what to do when the boys are playing with matches. You take away the matches. Unfortunately, the elites of the inter ...

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Praying The News To Avert Despair

by Heidi Schlumpf, NCR

My students often tell me they avoid the news because it's too depressing. Death, destruction, discord -- who needs all that negativity? Eve ...

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What Would Christ Say…

by Fr. Peter Daly (adapted)

Cars registered to the Vatican display license plates with the letters SCV. Officially those initials stand for Stato della Citta del Vatica ...

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Papal Retirement: A Matter of Conscience

by Mary E. Hunt, Religion Dispatches

The unexpected announcement of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is a welcome breath of fresh air. A human being, even a pope, ought to h ...

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