Sexuality And Our Church

Janice M. O'Brien, NCR

If the basis of our Christian faith rests on the Incarnation, why does our church continue to marginalize the role of sexuality in its under ...

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The Bishops Act

Richard P. McBrien

It is clear why the U.S. Catholic bishops adopted a more severe zero-tolerance policy than they had originally intended towards priests who ...

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Reformer Persists While Church Resists

Ron DePasquale, Associated Press

David Zizik thought he had a good idea to help the Roman Catholic Church, so much so that he has pressed ahead with it in the face of resist ...

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Bishops Are Behind The Curve

Eileen McNamara, Boston Globe

The Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) people might want to stock up on throat lozenges. The organization of reform-minded Catholics will need to ...

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Worried About Kids At School?

Editorial, NCR

When the pastor of St. Patrick's church in Kansas City, Missouri, was approached by concerned parents worried about the safety of the parish ...

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