John 20:19-31

2nd Sunday of Easter, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

Dear people, as a faith community, let's place ourselves, mind, heart and body, in that Upper room described in today's Gospel. We're there ...

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Good Friday

Good Friday, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

I offer you two things to consider this Good Friday afternoon as we gather prayerfully to recall Jesus, the innocent One, crucified on Calva ...

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Luke 22

PASSION SUNDAY, Rev. Francis F. Baiocchi

We've just listened to Luke's account of the last hours of Jesus, the final hours of the best and most honest man who ever lived on Earth. A ...

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Luke 15:11-32

4th Sunday of Lent, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

  In her book, The Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver writes: “I could never work out whether we were to view religion as a life ...

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Luke 13:1-9

3rd Sunday of Lent, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

In today's Gospel story, the main topic is not someone but something: a tree – a tree that's not living up to its natural expectations. So ...

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Luke 4:1-13

1st Sunday of Lent, Fr. Don’s

Temptations, temptations, temptations. Jesus was not exempt. God is always available to listen to us and talk with us. All it takes is for ...

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Luke 5:1-11

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time,  Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

Think back to when you were a child or adolescent and dreamed of what the future may hold for you! Did you hope to become a cowboy (or cowgi ...

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Luke 4:21-30

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

A city truck pulled to a stop on a quiet, residential street. A workman armed with pick and shovel jumped from the truck and set to work. Wi ...

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