Matthew 5:13-16

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

The story is told of a school teacher who had a class of high-school sophomores. Her students were basically good kids, and smart as well, b ...

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John 1:29-34

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

There is a particular irony worth noting in today's Gospel. It's about the relationship between John the Baptist and his cousin Jesus. John ...

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Luke 2:16-21

Octave Day of the Nativity of the Lord, Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, & the World Day of Peace,

In reviewing all the situations in the early life of Jesus there were some that were very happy situations, some that were very sad, and oth ...

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, Francis F. Baiocchi

“They drew their circles, deliberately small in size, to keep us out. But then a surprise: I drew my circle, big and wide, so we'd all liv ...

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Luke 20:28-38

32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Don’s Homily

As we near the end of the Church’s liturgical year, the readings become more eschatological – having to do with the end times with the m ...

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31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

A young boy was in a serious auto accident and his survival was very much in doubt. After a few days his school teacher went to visit him in ...

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Luke 18:9-14

30th Sunday, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

A psychiatrist was telling his friends about his toughest case. He said, “I had this patient who lived in a world of total fantasy. He was ...

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