, Francis F. Baiocchi

“They drew their circles, deliberately small in size, to keep us out. But then a surprise: I drew my circle, big and wide, so we'd all liv ...

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Luke 20:28-38

32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Don’s Homily

As we near the end of the Church’s liturgical year, the readings become more eschatological – having to do with the end times with the m ...

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31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

A young boy was in a serious auto accident and his survival was very much in doubt. After a few days his school teacher went to visit him in ...

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Luke 18:9-14

30th Sunday, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

A psychiatrist was telling his friends about his toughest case. He said, “I had this patient who lived in a world of total fantasy. He was ...

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Homily for Oct 16, 2016

29th Sunday, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

What do we do about our losses in life – lost jobs, lost opportunities, lost relationships with people and even pets we've loved? Do we hi ...

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Luke 17:11-19

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

A wise man once said, “If the only prayer we ever pray is: 'Thank you!' that will be enough.” As Christians we are called to a deep frie ...

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Luke 17:5-10

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

A little boy had been studying religion at catechism and when he got home, he had some questions for his mother. “Is it true,” he asked ...

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Luke 13:1-32

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

A woman was critically ill with a brain tumor. Her doctor told her after all the tests were finished that only one thing could save her: a b ...

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