Feast of Mary of Magdalena

Feast of Mary of Magdalena, Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

Today we celebrate the Feast of Mary of Magdalene It is a wonderful day! Pope Francis has proclaimed that her memorial to a feast day. Just ...

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Matthew 13:1-9

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Father Don

The church’s objective in choosing scripture passages for each day is to provide a single message from two or three selections from multip ...

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Barking Dog

, Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

There is a true story I am going to tell you that will help you understand the Gospel today. Two weeks ago I saw a news clip on TV about a b ...

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Food for the Journey

, Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

Manna came down from the heavens and water came from rocks. God was and still is teaching that God remains with us always. The Exodus was ...

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Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

There was this married couple sitting at their breakfast table one Saturday morning before going out to the golf course where they played 18 ...

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John 20:19-23

Pentacost, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

Two brand new work crews were installing new telephone poles along a county highway. At day's end, the foreman asked each crew how the day w ...

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John 15:14-21

6th Sunday of Easter, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

(Sung:) “Do you love me?” You may recall Fiddler on the Roof, a musical theater presentation that features a deeply moving and tender mo ...

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Mothers’ Day

Mother's Day, Father Don

We offer this Mass on Mothers’ Day for all the mothers in our congregation, whether they are alive or have gone to their eternal reward. ...

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We as Sheep

4th Sunday of Easter, Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

I remember when I was growing up, our family got news through the party line phone that we had in our house. Each family on the line had a s ...

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