Speak the Truth

Third Sunday in Advent, Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

There are powerful words in today’s reading from Isaiah. These are the same words that Jesus spoke in the synagogue to the elders and prie ...

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Mark 1:1-8

2nd Sunday of Advent, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

A family was taking a leisurely vacation along the county roads in beautiful southwestern Wisconsin, traveling from one small town to anothe ...

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First Sunday in Advent

First Sunday in Advent, Rev. Kathy Vandenberg

I love to receive Christmas cards but unfortunately I am not very good at sending them. Many years ago I received a Christmas card from Jeru ...

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Thanksgiving on the Gospel of Mark

Thanksgiving Liturgy, Rev. Donald Wright

Every day is a good day to give thanks to God, especially on Thanksgiving no matter if that day has been good or bad or if our life has been ...

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Matthew 25:14-30

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

In today's Gospel, Jesus tells a parable inviting us to use whatever resources we have been given to do what needs to be done. He invites us ...

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Churches, Churches, Churches

, Father Don

Now for the first question, What is the church brick and mortar or people? People. With that as a definition of a church, why would the Chur ...

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All Souls Day

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Rev. Kathy Vandenberg

Many of us have been remembering our loved ones who have died. With the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas coming things are somehow dif ...

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Matthew 22:34-40

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

A college student was bragging to her friends about taking a first-aid course that had prepared her for any emergency. She gave this example ...

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Isaiah 45:1, 4-6, & Matthew 22:15-21

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Father Don

What are two things in life we can’t avoid? Taxes and death? No! Change and death. How many changes have you experienced in your life? Cou ...

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Wearing the Perfect Garment

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

Remember the times you were invited to a birthday party. You and I were so excited that we could not wait for the days to pass. If you were ...

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