John 17:11-19

7th Sunday of Easter, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

I've felt all my life that sight is such a precious gift of God. Losing ones eyesight and becoming blind is a loss I can scarcely imagine. Y ...

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John 15:9-17

6th Sunday Of Easter, Father Don

First things first. Happy Mothers’ day to all you mothers. And now a couple questions for everyone. In today’s Gospel reading, how many ...

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John 10:11-18

The 4th Sunday of Easter, Father Don

Way back at the beginning of WWII the Germans commissioned a massive battle ship named the Bismarck. It was the biggest fighting vessel the ...

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Luke 24:35-48

3rd Sunday of Easter, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

A husband came home after a miserable day at the office and was greeted at the door by his wife. “How was your day?” the husband inquir ...

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EASTER SUNDAY (John 20:1-9)

Easter Sunday, Fr. Francis Baiocchi

A veteran of World War II, blind and paralyzed, lay on his bed at the Veterans' Hospital. He had been bedridden for many decades. He was oft ...

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Gospel of Mark 11:1-10

Palm Sunday, Father Don

In the first part of today’s Gospel we hear the description of the royal reception which Jesus received from his admirers. They paraded 2 ...

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Light and Darkness

4th Sunday of Lent, Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

I remember when I was a young girl I used to like to play Red Light/Green Light especially when it was in the evening. A group of us would g ...

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John 2:13-25

3rd Sunday of Lent, Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi

One terribly foggy, stormy night at sea, a ship's captain catches sight of what looks like the lights of another ship heading directly towar ...

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Gospel of Mark 9:2-10

2nd Sunday of Lent, Rev. Donald Wright

I’m sure many of you have witnessed mute people communicating with one another. Ray, one of the men who was ordained a Permanent Deacon at ...

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What Will You Find in a Desert?

, Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg

Congratulations: People of Jesus Our Shepherd! You have been invited by God to go into the Desert yet another time. This means that you have ...

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