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We believe in the God who is Love, the One who guides people in exile and in exodus, the God of
foreigners and immigrants. We believe in Jesus the Christ, the displaced Galilean torn from his home and his people, forced to flee his country with his parents when their lives were threatened by those in power. Upon his return, he suffered under the agent of Rome, Pontius Pilate. He was persecuted, tortured, and crucified. Yet on the third day he rose from the dead, not as a despised foreigner but as One offering perpetual citizenship in the Kingdom of God.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Eternal Immigrant from God's reign living in our midst, the One speaking all languages, living in all nations and embracing all races.

We believe the Church to be the sacred home for all, both natives and foreigners. We believe the Communion of Saints begins here on earth as we embrace people in their diversity. We readily forgive and are forgiven, making us all equal before God; and we believe that in our reconciling with others, our own wounds and brokenness are healed.

We believe in the Resurrection that unites us as one people, distinct and alike, simultaneously. We believe in the abundant life to come in which no one will be a foreigner but all will be united in harmony, delighted at the homecoming given us by the Living God. We believe this with all our hearts. Amen! (adapted: Corpus Reports, May/June 2017)

Wishing you a Blessed Mothers' Day, 2017!

POINT TO PONDER: “We take freedom for granted, and because of this we don't understand how incredibly vulnerable it is.” – Niall Ferguson
TODAY'S GOSPEL (John 14:1-12) adapted from Alice Camille
The scene is the final supper of Jesus with his close friends in the upper room. He understands what is about to happen and he knows this is his very last opportunity to get his message across. After washing their feet, Jesus prepares them for his leave-taking, telling them he is going ahead to prepare a place for them. Thomas and Phillip voice their confusion: How do we get there from here? The answer, of course, is to follow in Jesus' own footsteps, for Jesus is the Way. This is the heart of our faith. We don't need to waste time and effort debating theological issues, the nature of heaven or the concept of an infinite God. All we need is follow the Way taught and modeled by Jesus the Christ. The truth of the Gospel is the heaven we seek, and the life of Jesus lived and shared in community is the life that brings us to the heart of God.

The story of Jesus' death and resurrection is the defining story of our faith. It is the reason why we gather to “break Bread” each Sunday. It is the reason why we love our neighbor, feed the poor, work for justice and struggle to forgive our enemies. We each have a defining story as well, an encounter or experience that reveals our highest selves, our deepest convictions, our incomparable imagination or sense of humor. It is the story that most clearly and profoundly demonstrates who we really are. Jesus revealed himself in the “breaking of the bread.” How do we best reveal ourselves?

Hymn of Praise for the Easter Season:

Jesus, Name above all names, beautiful Savior, Glorious Lord
Emmanuel, God is with Us, blessed Redeemer, Living Word
(sung three times)

God knows a mother's arms feel empty,
how her heart is so yearning to love.
So He blesses her with life's greatest
treasure, the children He sends from
above. Now He tells her that they are
just borrowed, to quiet the ache in her
heart. She should love them as long as
they need her, then let go when time comes to part. Then
when they've grown up and left her, if God finds that her
love has been true, He will take up her soul to heaven
because He said she was just borrowed too.
courtesy of Linda Kavanaugh

We are happy to report that Robert & Judith Weiss have become grandparents again. Their daughter Rebecca gave birth to Iolanthe Cynthia, an eight-pound four-ounce girl on May 01. Mother and baby are doing well, as are the grandparents!... Kudos to Jean Albrecht celebrating her birthday with her family recently... Frank Baiocchi celebrated his 57th ordination anniversary May 03rd. For Your Information: Don Wright was ordained a priest June 12, 2004, Kathy Vandenberg was ordained, July 31, 2006, and Robert Weiss was ordained May 31, 1958. Keep them in your prayers as they continue to serve us at JOS in Sunday Liturgies! We thank the owner of Jug's Hitching Post for allowing us to use the restaurant parking lot last Sunday for the parish annual Bill Jones Memorial Bike Blessing; over sixty bikers and bikes were blessed at the event in the sunshine and fair weather – a blessing in itself!

May Joy embrace you and warm your hearts!