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The treasury report: August credits were $818, debits $408.57, monthly balance $409.43 and outreach ministry $325. The cumulative JOS balance on Sep 01, 2017 was $13,005.18. Correspondence was read from Amanda Hartwig, founder of Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse for families with child loss, and from Robert & Judith Weiss in Dusseldorf Germany. Under Old Business: We were reminded of the Annual Picnic and of the foods to be brought by parishioners.

Under New Business: We discussed the date/time to celebrate Christmas Liturgy since the feast occurs on Monday; the decision was postponed till the next meeting. We were asked to volunteer to help in Sunday Liturgies as readers, distributors of Communion, bringing gifts to the altar, etc. We voted to advertise JOS in local newspapers this November; ad designs will be discussed at the October meeting.

How might we embrace poverty as a way to God when everyone around us wants to become rich? Poverty takes many forms. Let's ask: “Wherein is my poverty? Lack of money, lack of emotional stability, lack of a loving partner, lack of safety, lack of security, lack of self-confidence? Each of us suffers some form of poverty in our lives, and that's the place where God wants to dwell. “Blessed are the poor!” Jesus declares. That means our blessing is hidden in our poverty. Might we dare to see our poverty as the land where our treasure, our blessedness, is hidden?


POINT TO PONDER: “Our lives are touched by those who lived centuries ago, and we hope our lives will mean something to people living centuries from now. There is a great chain of being, and our job is to do what we can to strengthen our link in that chain, to keep the chain connected and unbroken.” adapted from Dorothy Day, saint/activist
God's forgiveness knows no limits. It is greater than anything we can imagine and it comes to all who know in their hearts that they have done wrong and want to return to God. God lovingly embraces the heart genuinely seeking forgiveness. The problem, unfortunately, comes when we have to deal with someone who has hurt us. The reaction in Jesus' Gospel parable describes it well: “He seized him by the throat and said, 'Pay what you owe!'” (Matthew 18:28). Here we meet the drama of human relationships. When we are indebted to others, we expect their mercy. But when others are indebted to us, we demand justice. We all do this, but it is a reaction unworthy of us as disciples of Christ. Jesus teaches us to forgive without limit (“seventy times seven times”) in verse 22. Jesus offers us God's love without reference to justice.

To demand justice is no sign that we are disciples of Christ since we ourselves are recipients of God's mercy, not of God's justice. We receive this mercy at the foot of the Cross solely by the grace of an Ever- and Always-Loving God.
- Adapted from Pope Francis Meditation at Assisi in 2016

The word hypocrite comes literally from the Greek language: someone acting on a stage; it means one who displays a false appearance of goodness. Hypocrisy was one of Jesus' frequent targets, and criticism of hypocrisy has played a major role in Christian life ever since. People who say one thing but do the contrary, who want to appear different to others from who and what they really are, or who hold other people to standards they themselves violate, fall in this category. The antidote of course is personal integrity between ones thoughts and actions under consistent standards.


Too Wonderful To Be True?

Too wonderful to be true? We already know a thousand cases,
ten thousand! Too wonderful to be true is the cosmos around
us, whirling and exploding over unimaginable distances, keeping
all its physics and chemistry in order.

Too wonderful to be true are the 20 million monarch butterflies
that journey each fall from the north to the south and are
replaced each Spring by their offspring who find their way back
2000 miles along a path they've never seen.

But much more 'too wonderful to be true' is love connected to
Divine Imagination and Heart which redefines what is good in
our world:

good for our very life spark,
good for energy's creation,
good for setting our heart's world afire,
good for healing all wounds.

Yet much more too wonderful to be true are You, Love's Inventor
and Love's Self, in whose presence all things are possible...
and nothing is too wonderful to be true. Amen.

– William Cleary, Prayers for Lovers