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Prayer Chain: Anna Baiocchi 262.673.6071
Family Promise: Dennis & Jean Albrecht (D) 414.254.1606; (J) 414.254.6144
Faith Ed: Linda Kavanaugh 262.224.0832

Liturgy presiders:
Rev. Donald Wright 231.884.4497
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Rev. Francis Baiocchi 262.673.6071

reported November credits of $831, debits of $849.51, outreach of $150, for a cumulative balance on December 1st of $13.047.27. Reported a current total of $1,370 in our 2017 Holiday Fund Drive. Read correspondence from individuals and charitable organizations. Reviewed plans for the community Christmas Liturgy on December 24. Reported the distribution of 60 Advent booklets to JOS members and friends. Requested family photos for a Christmas collage to be posted in the Chapel. Voted to donate $50 to purchase craft items for patients at Childrens Hospital, and also invited individual parishioners to buy these items for the children. Requested names of people in need to receive Holiday Fund gifts. Requested volunteers to decorate the Chapel December 17 (creche & poinsettias). Reminded all to consult for weather advisories of Chapel closings.

We happily announce the December 2 engagement of Alan Merkes and Gloria Matisse... Please bring an item of food to the Chapel each Sunday. At month's end, the collected food is delivered to a different local food pantry. December food donations are going to the Lomira Food Pantry... The JOS Holiday Fund drive continues through next Sunday, December 17th. Your gift can be postal mailed to the JOS office (listed above) or brought to the Chapel Sunday mornings. These funds will be distributed during the week before Christmas to those in dire need as well as to local organizations assisting them...

Patience, people! The Lord is Coming!

POINT to PONDER: “You never really leave a person or a place. You take part of them with you, and you leave part of yourself behind.”
Maybe you've seen the painting/drawing of Jesus at a closed door, ready to knock; the caption says, “Jesus is coming! Look busy!” No matter what, it's hard to keep from being busy during Advent. It's the nature of the season. We know we're supposed to slow down, be more quiet and reflective, be less focused on material stuff, more focused on prayer and spiritual realities. Now for some advice: do what you can spiritually, but don't feel guilty about your busyness. Decorating the home, preparing the festive meals, finding gifts for those you love – these are good things. Revel in them.

But add one more ingredient to the Advent season: be watchful. Each day as you go about our activities, when you see something beautiful, stop for a moment and look at it deeply. Notice God's presence in that scene. Let it leave its mark on you like the potter's hands shape clay. Then give thanks to God and get back to work – Jesus is coming! (GIA Quarterly, Volume 28, #4)

Jesus Comes to Us in the Poor by Henri Nouwen
What finally counts is not whether we know Jesus and his words, but whether we live our lives in the Spirit of Jesus. The Spirit of Jesus is the Spirit of Love. Jesus confirms this in the Gospel” ”Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, thirsty and give you drink?” Jesus responds, “When you did this to one of the least of mine, you did it to me.” Jesus comes to us in the poor, the sick, the dying, the prisoners, the disabled, the outcasts. There we meet him, and the door to God's house is opened for us.

Do You Ever Wonder?
Every age has its own particular mindset through which the people view their world. Our 21st-century perspective might be called “scientific” – whatever we can see with our eyes and measure with our instruments, we believe. Eight hundred years ago, the prevailing attitude was “wonder.” Back then, all creation was viewed as a symbol. It was a veritable book to be read in which every living thing was charged with meaning. People were invited, indeed expected, to look through the visible to “see” the invisible meaning there. Thus, by reading nature, we learn of God and God's ways. Unfortunately, advances in science, marvelous though they may be, sometimes come at the cost of wonder. Today might we pray to the Holy Spirit to regain something of the lost gift of wonder and awe?


IT'S THE SEASON for sending Christmas greetings to people we care about. With that in mind, here are postal addresses of ordained priests who served our community (without financial compensation) during the past 17 years:

Fr. David Gawlik 5526 W. Elmhurst Dr. Mequon WI 53092
Rev. Alice Iaquinta 3318 Squire Lane West Bend WI 53095
(Fr. Jack Lutz RIP) Lynn Molenda N1558 Boltonville Rd. Adell WI 53001
Fr. Tom & Barbara Marlier N2460 Old Lake Road Shawano WI 54166
Fr. Jim Ryan & Jean Ford W1735 Potter Road Burlington WI 53105
Fr. Bob & Anne Scanlan 1671B Beta Drive Sugar Grove IL 60554
Rev. Kathy Vandenberg 326 N. Greenfield Ave. Waukesha WI 53186
Fr. Robert & Judith Weiss Zwickauer Str. 34, 40627 Dusseldorf Germany
Fr. Don Wright 5664 N. Moraine Hills Dr. West Bend WI 53095
Fr. Frank (& Anna) Baiocchi 1162 St. Kilian Parkway Hartford WI 53027

“All of us must care for life, cherish life with
tenderness and warmth.” – Pope Francis