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Prayer Chain: Anna Baiocchi 262.673.6071
Family Promise: Dennis & Jean Albrecht (D) 414.254.1606; (J) 414.254.6144
Faith Ed: Linda Kavanaugh 262.224.0832

Liturgy presiders:
Rev. Donald Wright 231.884.4497
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Rev. Francis Baiocchi 262.673.6071

A REPORT on the JOS Community Meeting of June 04, 2017
Treasurer's Report for the month of May, 2017:
Bank balance on May 01 was $12,258.63. May credits were $706, debits were $464.30, resulting in a monthly balance of $241.70. Outreach efforts totaled $75.00 This resulted in a bank balance of $12,425.33 as of June 01, 2017. In May the average collection: $177. Average number participating: 22.

submitted June 4, 2017 by Nancy Wiedmeyer

REVENUE: Sunday collections $10,834.36 (74%), Holiday Fund $3515 (24%), Gifts $313 (2%), totaling Revenue of $14,662.36
DEBITS: Chapel rent $3850 (26%), Outreach Ministry $6904 (47&) Liturgy $261.40 (2%), Faith Education $131.88 (1%), Website Management $800 (5%),
Bulletins/Printing $858.53 (6%), Office supplies/Postage $842 (6%), Travel Stipends $260 (2%), Miscellaneous (insurance, ads, etc.) $739.98 (5%), totaling debits of $14,647.79. NET TOTAL (June 01, 2016 – May 31, 2017) $14.57.
THERESA STATE BANK balance on 5/31/17 is $12,425.33
Average weekly participants for the fiscal year ('16-'17): 24 people.
Average weekly income for the fiscal year: $227.

Three Letters were read under “correspondence.”
A final report was given on the Bill Jones Memorial Bike Blessing May 03, accompanied by a photo board of the event put together by Jean Albrecht. After a presentation by Lexi Kavanaugh concerning Emma Rose Paulson, a cancer patient, a community vote was taken to give Emma a gift from the community along with a photo of parishioners and signed get-well card. The community voted to have the picnic at our Chapel Sunday, September
10, with a pot-luck dinner & balloon release after the 9:30AM Eucharist. The community voted to end our host support of Family Promise because we no longer have sufficient volunteers to help. Thanks were expressed to Dennis & Jean Albrecht for their many years of serving and coordinating this Family Promise program for our parish.

POINT TO PONDER by George Bernard Shaw   “The liar's punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.”
A REFLECTION on Today's 2nd Reading (2 Cor 13:11-143)
In Paul's deeply personal letter to the faith community in Corinth, he writes: that phrase we hear each Sunday, “the grace of Jesus the Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all!” Grace, love and fellowship are a trinity of ways by which God is revealed to us. The love of the Creator who bore us, the love of the One who heals us and the constancy of the One who is always there for us, are the three faces of the One God, like the multiple facets of a precious diamond, each unique and equally brilliant. Once each year we are asked to sit quietly with this wondrous mystery of the Three in One (or “unity in community” as theologians say). We rejoice in the marvelous God who teaches us the importance of our human relationships by sharing with us their very own intimate life. = adapted from Alice Camille

WE ARE SPIRIT-GIFTED! Our Confirmation celebrates our receiving the many gifts of the Holy Spirit. But these are not 'one-time' gifts of wisdom, knowledge, courage, reverence for the sacred and wonder for all creation. These are gifts that never stop being given so long as we are on our earth journeys. Perhaps many of us fail to understand their constant availability to us in time of need. Let's watch for their appearance in our daily lives, as when we suddenly come to understand what before was so confusing, as when we are awestruck by a moment of beauty in nature or a demonstration of compassionate love, or the taking of a courageous stand to overcome what we once dreaded to face.