We Are A New Way Of Being Church!

Jesus Our Shepherd - an inclusive Eucharist faith community gathering at The Gardens in Nenno, Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

We are an independent community celebrating Eucharist together in an historic rural church. We live the Gospel mandate of love as bet we can. We invite everyone to Communion no matter one's life circumstances.

We welcome newcomers and children warmly. Using our time, talent and treasure, we reach out in solidarity to others in need.

Ordained men and women serve us without compensation.

We make community decisions as a people baptized in Jesus and inspired by God's Spirit.

We make no demands regarding specific doctrines one must believe; Jesus is insistent on how we must behave, not seriously concerned with the subtleties of theology.

We have no monthly or annual dues, no weekly envelopes.

We have no bishop, no chancery officials, no code of canon law or diocesan regulations governing us. This gives us a responsibility and freedom few churches enjoy.

We celebrate an informal fellowship after each Sunday Liturgy.

We believe this is really a new way of being church! Come celebrate with us Sunday mornings at 9:30am

Jesus Our Shepherd (formerly Sts. Peter and Paul) is located at The Gardens, 7003 Highway 175 in Nenno, WI. 2 miles north of Highway 33.