• Gospel of Mark 11:1-10, Palm Sunday
    Father Don
    In the first part of today’s Gospel we hear the description of the royal reception which Jesus received fr ...
  • Light and Darkness, 4th Sunday of Lent
    Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg
    I remember when I was a young girl I used to like to play Red Light/Green Light especially when it was in th ...
  • John 2:13-25, 3rd Sunday of Lent
    Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi
    One terribly foggy, stormy night at sea, a ship's captain catches sight of what looks like the lights of another ship heading directly towar ...

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  • The mind of Christ
    Roger Karban
    The late Rudolph Bultmann often remarked, "A Gospel is simply a Passion/Resurrection narrative with a dozen or more introductory chapters." ...
  • Mountaintop experiences
    Paricia Datchuck Sanchez
    On April 3, 1968, the day before he was assassinated, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at Mason Temple in Memphis, Tenn. He shared with those pr ...
  • Our covenant in Christ
    Roger Karban
    I was once part of a faculty committee charged with rewriting the mission statement of our high school. Except for changing one preposition, ...