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  • Use your gifts
    Roger Karban
    Listening to today's first reading is to know that a prophet's call is almost always the last element inserted into our biblical collection ...
  • With what gifts?
    Patricia Datchuck Sánchez
    Eight centuries before the Magi from the east came bearing gifts to present to Jesus, Micah asked, "With what shall I come before the Lord a ...
  • The coming one
    Patricia Datchuck Sánchez
    As Advent wends its way to its annual goal, the unique spirituality of this holy season is reflected in the songs, hymns and sacred texts th ...


  • On care for our common home
    Phyllis Zagano
    When you were decking your halls recently, they probably were not in your 30,000 square-foot hillside mansion in Los Angeles. That's not a t ...
  • The verdict
    Mary McGlone
    Who are you? Where do you come from? What do you know? What have you accomplished with your life? Those are more or less the questions one i ...
  • We can’t respond to killing with more killing
    Thomas Gumbleton
    If someone had asked me to suggest Scriptures for this ceremony that we celebrate this morning when we enroll young people from our parish t ...