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  • Solemnity of Christ the King
    Sister Laurie Brink, O.P.
    First Reading: Daniel 7:13-14
    Responsorial Psalm 93:1, 1-2, 5
    Second Reading: Revelations 1:5-8
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  • Seasons of Prayer
    Patricia Cooney Hathaway

    The seasons of the year provide for many people an intuitive metaphor for understanding seasons of our ...

  • To cope or to hope
    Mary McGlone
    "The end is near!" One of my favorite cartoons about the end of the world shows the bearded ascetic with his warning sign, which says som ...


  • The verdict
    Mary McGlone
    Who are you? Where do you come from? What do you know? What have you accomplished with your life? Those are more or less the questions one i ...
  • We can’t respond to killing with more killing
    Thomas Gumbleton
    If someone had asked me to suggest Scriptures for this ceremony that we celebrate this morning when we enroll young people from our parish t ...
  • It’s not just Paris
    Phyllis Zagano
    As an evil slime spreads over so much of the world, we stare in amazement. Where did this come from? How can this happen? Who is guiding thi ...