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  • Trees and Things that Live
    Fred Plumer

    I am one of those rare individuals who was lucky enough to spend most of my childhood in Southern California’s ...

  • The ways of the kingdom
    Mary McGlone

    I have to be honest: I think this selection from Isaiah is one of the most disagreeable readings in either Testam ...

  • Sign of our salvation
    Patricia Datchuck Sánchez
    Have you seen the movie "Spartacus"? There have been several versions of the story of this Thracian gladiator ...


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Jesus Our Shepherd - an inclusive Eucharist faith community

Address: 7490 County WW, West Bend WI Phone: 262.673.6071

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Jesus Our Shepherd is an independent community celebrating Eucharist in this contemporary, handicap-accessible rural chapel every Sunday morning at 9:30. We live the Gospel mandate of love as best we can. We invite everyone to Communion no matter ones life circumstances.

We warmly welcome newcomers, young families and children. Using what resources we have, we reach out in solidarity to people in need.