• John 4:5-42, 3rd Sunday of Lent
    Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi
    Some time ago, there was an enterprising young woman who had a very intelligent Golden retriever dog. She spent years training that dog to s ...
  • Matthew 4;1-11, First Sunday of Lent
    Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi
    Jewish people tell interesting stories. Here's one some of you have heard before, but I'll tell it again because it's good! There was an eld ...
  • Mt. 6:24-34, 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi
    Shortly after I was ordained a priest, I was bringing Communion to people in our parish who were ill at home or in the hospital. At the time ...

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  • A new dawn
    Mary M. McGlone
    A few months ago, a section of the Chicago Sun-Times Sunday edition bannered the headline "Promise of a new Dawn." The article that followed ...
  • Real change
    Mary McGlone
    Our Easter Gospel readings may leave us surprisingly disappointed. As we go to the garden to celebrate the first day of the new creation, th ...
  • Does Heaven Exist?
    Pat Brennan
    Easter Sunday - reprinted from March 30, 1997 That is the question that is on the cover of Time Magazine, March 24, 1997. The cover story ...