• Homily Palm Sunday, Palm Sunday
    Fr. Francis Baiocchi
    Some years ago, a woman by the name of Barbara Kingsolver authored a book entitled Prodigal Summer – a story about a young woman who got p ...
  • John 9:1-41, 4th Sunday in Lent
    Father Don
    The other day I looked into the mirror and all my face wrinkles and extra skin on my chin were gone, and I looked down and my little dog’s ...
  • John 4:5-42, 3rd Sunday of Lent
    Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi
    Some time ago, there was an enterprising young woman who had a very intelligent Golden retriever dog. She spent years training that dog to s ...

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  • A new dawn
    Mary M. McGlone
    A few months ago, a section of the Chicago Sun-Times Sunday edition bannered the headline "Promise of a new Dawn." The article that followed ...
  • Real change
    Mary McGlone
    Our Easter Gospel readings may leave us surprisingly disappointed. As we go to the garden to celebrate the first day of the new creation, th ...
  • Does Heaven Exist?
    Pat Brennan
    Easter Sunday - reprinted from March 30, 1997 That is the question that is on the cover of Time Magazine, March 24, 1997. The cover story ...