• Speak the Truth, Third Sunday in Advent
    Rev. Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg
    There are powerful words in today’s reading from Isaiah. These are the same words that Jesus spoke in the synagogue to the elders and prie ...
  • Mark 1:1-8, 2nd Sunday of Advent
    Fr. Francis F. Baiocchi
    A family was taking a leisurely vacation along the county roads in beautiful southwestern Wisconsin, traveling from one small town to anothe ...
  • First Sunday in Advent, First Sunday in Advent
    Rev. Kathy Vandenberg
    I love to receive Christmas cards but unfortunately I am not very good at sending them. Many years ago I received a Christmas card from Jeru ...

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  • Here among us
    Roger Karban
    Third-Isaiah, Paul and Mark are concerned with God entering our lives in a unique way -- something around which the coming celebration of Ch ...
  • Everyday Sacraments
    Angela Alaimo O'Donnell

    In late December 2009, on a sunny Florida afternoon, my 81-year-old mother stepped across my sister’s ...

  • Thanksgiving in Five Acts
    Valerie Schultz
    When we are children, we believe that our families will always be the same. Time moves slowly, and we don’t understand that a future await ...